I found out about this cool initiative called #Medal4Awesomeness today, encouraging runners to donate their medals, which will be repurposed and repackaged before being delivered to underprivileged kids and kids in hospital to motivate them. What a cool idea! 
These 21 medals represent 243 kilometers of running, walking, and memories of fun times and hard times on the path towards numerous finish lines 😃

Hopefully these medals will inspire these kids in one way or another. I'm dropping them off tomorrow at Grind 22 cafe in Bangsar, where the donation drive is being held. You can also purchase ribbons that will be used on these medals. Each ribbon is RM 4.50 (thanks @jessieandthecity!) and you can buy as many as you want. Their goal is to reach 1000 medals and ribbons. So far they've collected nearly 400 medals and ribbons.

I've kept some medals - will post a photo of them later. If you would like to know more about this initiative, go to Medal4Awesomeness on facebook!

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