• rachelafeldmanIt took me all these years to say this...
    " I 100% love myself in every possible way known to man and woman." Last night the hubby and I were talking for a long time. I had received an email that got me thinking about where I am in my life. I used to be the person who lived in fear. I talked about this at Hippocrates_Health_Institute yesterday and the day before as I taught. I talked about the fear that can run us in life. I did not appear fear run..I appeared as a do-er. Do-er's can be fear run and it can be an asset but also a defect of character when it starts to run your life. Fear and Perfection. Aw, such a nasty mix.
    As I read this email, I was faced with an opportunity to see who I am today.
    I am NOT the binge eater anymore.
    I am NOT the girl who shoves her feelings.
    I am NOT the person who says yes when I want to say no.
    I am NOT the woman who is resentful because I am living life for me and my family (hubby, and kids).
    I am NOT going to apologize for me because for years I said I was sorry because I believed I was broken.
    I am NOT going to escape.
    I am GOING to be me.
    It may have taken me ups and downs to find me and lose me and then find me again.
    I think this happens for humans and especially women when we birth.
    We lose ourselves to find ourselves.
    As I sat there with hubby last night...I said, " Honey, I love me. I truly love the woman I am today and can say that from soul." I told him this, " It was your grandmother, Evie, 95, who changed my life last year, She said, " I am finally at a time in my life where I am living for me and if I want to eat cookies, wear no bra and say what I want to say, I will"
    I thought..." what if I never get there?" I committed to getting there with every part of my being.
    I did get there.
    I say what I want to say.
    I eat cookies and french fries if I want and chase it with green juice.
    I don't wear a bra if I choose.
    my life and a happier life.
    I hope this resonates.
    I hope you find power in what Evie said. I did.

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