This pic was taken #February21, 1969 at the 4th Memorial Anniversary of #MalcolmX. 
My mother often said to my sisters and me, "Just as one must drink water, one must give back." That before she married her husband #MalcolmX she thought her role as his wife was to nurture the household, her husband, and their new family. She had Bachelors and Nursing degrees when she married him. She said however that after her husband was politically gunned down in front of herself and their babies, she had to not only raise their six daughters alone—she had to also be the caretaker of his legacy. Malcolm X challenged a government that was historically unjust to its own people. He denounced war and injustice as indefensible devastations of human and environmental resources. Young Betty drove from our home in New York to Univ of Mass in Boston, once a week. She earned a Masters and then a Ph.D. She never ever accepted "no" or "I can't" as an answer for herself. The Black Panther Party provided security to ensure protection and safety for the "widow" of their martyred hero, #MalcolmX. #DrBettyShabazz #Survivor #Legacy #RitesOfPassage #RiseAbove #ResponsibilitiesOfWomanhood #StandingOnShouldersOfGreatness #FlashBackFriday #FBF #BlackPantherParty #BPP #EducationMatters #HistoryMatters #IlyasahShabazz #TheWakeUpTour
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