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  • rainforestalliancePresident Trump has just signed a bill to repeal the Stream Protection Rule — a regulation designed to protect forests and streams from destructive coal extraction. We are proud to be working in the forests of Appalachia on sustainable forestry projects. Unlike the coal industry, sustainable forestry is an industry based on life, one that supports thriving forests, strong local economies, and healthy communities.
    #RainforestAlliance #SustainableForestry #StreamProtectionRule #EPA #ScienceNotSilence

  • art_nature_music😭😭😭
  • christopher148@nessa_ly
  • christopher148@rebeccaklile
  • beeakamaiTruly unbelievable 💔
  • eecastillo32Nothing we can do for now, all the phone call to the senators seem to do nothing, they are voting only with their party, the Republican are afraid, vote them out in 2 years
  • rebeccaklileKeep calling senators and signing petitions and making your voices heard. Do not give up!! Trust that each voice joined with others can and will eventually make a difference.
  • wild.ladybird💔
  • sfabian2000In an effort to think ahead, how can environmentalists combat deforestation and its consequences? Plant more trees like Ten Trees or Casey Trees? Circulate a petition? Form alliances/networks?
  • rdpzTrump and his merry marauders would destroy all our land. Resist and act.
  • linibee28😢
  • pixie.wndrlstThat ignorant baboon!!!!! #dumptrump
  • picaflor.collectionOh dear.... don't give up hope.. I'm not even American or in the USA but feel the pain of his lack of concern for people and planet. We stand with you American people against this atrocities.
  • larasofia1Heartbreaking, please don't let him destroy our environment! Supporting you every step of the way
  • rosemay27This negligence has to stop Its only 29 days & he is already out to destroy any progress that has been made! It's killing me that he can do this😢😔✌🏻
  • sophieandmilo@hodgeheg47 @bluesky_soph @cassiopeiazwt this makes me so angry 😡 we need to save the rainforest too!
  • hodgeheg47@sophieandmilo right let's book flights and go protest against the most unfavourable orangutan 😡😡😡
  • audientbeingsThe test has begun.. do Americans actually love their country enough to stop these people from destroying it? We'll see.
  • gabe.vasquez@juliasilano
  • gabe.vasquez@mattwygnal
  • environmentalcollectiveThe sooner trump is impeached and someone can work to reverse everything he's put his hand to, the better!
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