• theblackwriterOur weather too is confused, am I the only one experiencing this harsh early morning harmattan cold, anyways sipping my tea 🐸☕️

  • sylvia_dakatNah, guess it's everywhere. The weather has become bipolar😄
  • anniedoraNo o I'm feeling it too...😭
  • theblackwriter@sylvia_dakat you hit the nail on the head. When I was looking for better harmattan Christmas I did not see oh
  • theblackwriter@anniedora like it's so cold and dry, my lips are chapped
  • toks_davidYea....stood on the brt queue for a long time...the weather wasn't friendly to my nose at all
  • mtadeseHot and sweaty yesterday, cold and dry today. Its defintely bipolar
  • fabakintundeSame in ghana o
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