• theholisticnutritionistSome wise words by the lovely @radicatanutrition ....
    Did someone ever make an inappropriate comment about your body and did that stick with you forever?

    If so, you're not alone. I heard so many different versions of that story while working with women with the Radicata SEED Protocol.

    One of the things that made me HATE my thighs and hide them is this one. I would never wear anything above the knee or something too revealing like leggings.

    I thought there was obviously something seriously wrong with me. I tried restricting my food and doing cardio like a maniac. My thighs stayed. I thought I might have a hormonal imbalance and tried so many supplements against estrogen dominance. My thighs stayed. I tried hating my thighs and speak so many mean words to them and myself hoping they would melt. My thighs stayed.

    Then I started making peace with my self and peace with my body started to follow.

    Wearing leggings allowed me to see and get to know their shape. It allowed me to slowly gain confidence in showing them to the world without hiding.
    I don't love my thighs but I don't hate them anymore.
    And now, when I think of these words, I feel proud! I love trees! This is a reminder for me that I am strong and that, like a tree, I need to feel grounded and connected. ❤️🌲🌸

  • the_geeky_knotI hear stuff like that sometimes. I have also learned to just say Thank you. These are the thighs that carried my babies, lift my children and get me around. They are like tree trunks, they're strong and will weather many storms. I love my body, along with every little flaw that tells its story and makes it mine.
  • chelseajolene❤❤I resonate so much with this. Thanks for sharing! 😊
  • laurafranklinTree trunks are exponentially stronger and more beautiful than twigs!! I lift heavy weights, do squats, deadlifts and presses so I can keep my tree trunks big and strong. Love your tree trunks and mine!! You're beautiful!! ❤️
  • radicatanutrition@theholisticnutritionist thank you for sharing! So glad it resonated with you too @the_geeky_knot @chelseajolene and @laurafranklin . Sending you all so much love!!! 💖💖💖
  • myboxedorganics💕💕💕
  • thehealthyindulgerstunning
  • namasteveyogaGreat stuff!
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