• stashfabricsOur third and final bundle in the last round of our Design Star competition is by Mathew @misterdomestic.
    We asked him about inspiration, "I am constantly flooded with enough inspiration in one day to fill a year and my biggest challenge is trying to settle on which idea to actually start working on. To help me with the widdling down, I’m also really inspired by a challenge and learning something different. So a lot of times I choose projects so that I can learn a new skill or see if I can actually do something that I’m kinda intimidated by."
    You can read more about what inspires Mathew, see all his bundles, and vote for your favorite bundle in the final round at stashfabrics.com/blog 🌟
    The three final bundles, and a few past bundles, are all available in the shop in limited quantities! Just search design star to see them all!

  • misterdomesticThanks for letting me be a part of such a fun adventure! Can't wait to make something with this bundle!
  • amira_littlemushroomcapOmg!! That is gorgeous
  • emmacvr77I just LOVE this bundle!
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