#knitting my first baby sweater (besides my crochet ones!)
  • iolstephanie#knitting my first baby sweater (besides my crochet ones!)

  • seductivebarryThe flax pullover?
  • iolstephanie@seductivebarry yes!
  • seductivebarryAwesome. I bet it'll go fast 👍🏼
  • iolstephanie@seductivebarry hopefully! I don't love how the skein started on a fatter part of the yarn, but I never like my ribbing until it's been smoothed out, so we'll see... But this is my learning sweater.
  • seductivebarryYah that can happen with single ply yarns. Anything tincanknits is good for learning. I'm a few rows shy of finishing a sweater for my little one but she woke up to nurse so it'll have to wait til tomorrow!
  • ahandfulofstitchesLooks good so far! I love knitting baby things! So quick and cute!!
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