• rmitdesignhub"The FDC really came out of the Fashion ’83 parade, the organisation was set up to maintain that momentum and the energy of this emerging group of independent designers. So the benefit of paying your FDC membership ($25 for full members and $10 for associate members) was to be part of the fashion shows and the promotional opportunities it provided. We also put on exhibitions, performances and had meetings and seminars about setting up small businesses. You have to remember that at that period, marketing wasn’t so ingrained in people. Now creative people understand intuitively how to market themselves. But at that period it wasn’t really the case, everyone was sort of learning as they went along, and the opportunities to get attention from mainstream media were very limited. Independent designers were able to sell their clothes through these shows, as well as getting publicity. The shows talked directly to an audience in the same way people might use Facebook or Instagram now.” FDC co-founder Robert Buckingham in conversation with Žiga Testen for the HRD /CF Newsletter, Issue 1 of 4, edited by @laurasgardner and designed by Žiga Testen. Edition of 500 free and available as part of the exhibition ‘High Risk Dressing / Critical Fashion’.

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