• stashfabricsThe second bundle in the FINAL round of our Stash Fabrics Design Star Competition is by Jenn @jennrossotti and is called Woodland Wedding.
    Here's what Jenn had to say about inspiration, "I think the aspect of creating with fabric that I find the most rewarding and inspiring is the process itself. I feel most at home, most zoned in and most powerful in my craft when I’m up to my eyeballs in a really difficult design. I feel most alive in that place where I’m looking at something that seems impossible to create and I have to struggle through all the mistakes and the do-overs. That’s my sweet spot. I love the tedium. I revel in minutiae and I enjoy every step of the routine along the way."
    You can learn more about Jenn, see the previous bundles she created, and vote for your favorite bundle in the final round at stashfabrics.com/blog 🌟
    The three final bundles, and a few past bundles, are all available in the shop in limited quantities! Just search design star to see them all!

  • girlofmanycolorsSwooning over this one! 😍😍😍
  • jennrossottiI cannot say enough how much I enjoyed this process. What a great opportunity it was. Thank you again @stashfabrics
  • quilting_4_fun@stashfabrics is this gonna b for sale? 😍👌 beautiful @jennrossotti
  • jennrossotti@quilting_4_fun yes it's available on the site now.
  • stashfabrics@quilting_4_fun yes it's available now on our website! You can search "design star" in the shop to see all our design star bundles
  • misterandmouseI've really enjoyed seeing your bundles @jennrossotti ! I find your choices totally unexpected, but they come together incredibly well👌
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