• pipsy_pieAhhhh the dream ☺️🙌🏻 I think it's safe to say that @fsparis was my favourite hotel I've ever stepped foot in. I was lucky enough to spend a few days here on a little baby moon last year 😝❤️ this pic I spotted on their Instagram this morning brought it all back- it was everything I expected & more , Parisian chic to a tee 👌🏻 The interior , the food, the atmosphere (yes, I casually sipped tea beside Selena Gomez👀☕️) those flowers 😱 and that view of the Eiffel Tower ❤️ Put it on your bucket list ✈️💭 .... Now though..back to work 👖😅

  • glitznpieces😍 love Paris! X
  • lurganistaAgreed! I went in for a drink in October so expensive but just so beautiful! Love Paris. The Hotel I stayed at near the Champs Elysee was €36 for Evian in the mini bar 🙈 x
  • pipsy_pie@lurganista prices are ridiculous aren't they 😭😱 not somewhere you'd bring the whole family 😂🤑
  • lurganista@pipsy_pie I would if I was a Kardashian they love that hotel 🤣
  • brendansprattWhen I stayed there, not only was the bed the comfiest ever, they had a dog bowl & bed ready for my pup AND they washed my car for me. Loved it! Now that's doing the extra mile 👍❤
  • boldnblueThanks for sharing, love olde world hotel recommendations esp in Paris 👍🏻👀❤
  • pipsy_pie@lurganista they love the @thepeninsulaparis too .. we went there for lunch & sat beside them #eyesoutonstalks 😂👀
  • lurganista@pipsy_pie I think I remember that from your snapchat. I bet they looked flawless in real life 😳🙌🏻👯‍♂️
  • pipsy_pie@lurganista Kendal was out of this world - no make up, black jeans , crop top - Goddess 😍💥 and Kris more beautiful in person
  • michellemaher22@saycheese90
  • rebeccajre@pipsy_pie hi pippa -whats ur fav place to stay in Ireland ? xx
  • fifitrix_@sayjaydaly
  • sayjaydaly@fifitrix_ 🙈
  • debwitter@sarahnparker let's go for cawfee here in a few wks!!! X
  • lisa_hanly_walshStunning 💕💕💕
  • castletownhouse❤❤❤
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