• boelsdolmansctOur final hint for this month's Santini Mystery Rider Monthly Giveaway. Send your guess to contest@boelsdolmanscyclingteam.com for your final chance to win a @santinisms jersey signed by the #MysteryRider. We'll be revealing who she is at 5.00PM CET. ----- De laatste hint voor de Santini Mystery Rider Monthly Giveaway. Stuur snel je antwoord naar contest@boelsdolsmanscyclingteam.com om een gesigneerd @santinisms-shirt te winnen van de #MysteryRider in kwestie. Om 17.00u Europese tijd onthullen we wie ze is!

  • eden.walker_vat free shopping on kids clothing i wish i wasn't 6ft tall
  • thelongtracker@boelsdolmansct Where's clues 2,3, and 4? Did you post 5 on accident?
  • anomali23@boelsdolmansct yeh i wondered where you were hiding 2,3 and 4 🤓
  • boelsdolmansctWe noticed that the clues weren't getting much engagement, so we opted to only post the first and the last. You can always view the full set of clues on Twitter and Facebook!
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