• rebekahlyonsThis one. We talked about all the things on #thatsoundsfun podcast that came out today!

    • frittatas and runny eggs
    • special needs kiddos finding faith
    • women owning their voice
    • freedom in God's presence
    • funnel cakes and mark twain

    Hope you enjoy! Check out link in @anniefdowns profile! #youarefreebook

  • rolltidecarlThis. I needed to hear this in all the ways. Thank you both for being honest and truthful in the words that you speak.
  • zoemazzawiGosh! Loved it!!! Like really!!!!
  • laurenwasherSpecial needs kiddos finding faith--I need this!
  • 2boys05Love!!!!
  • erinturnley2 of my favorites!!!
  • amandayoung1020Loved the podcast and so looking forward to Tuesday night @rebekahlyons!! 💛
  • __maaaddyLove you guys! Can't wait to listen!
  • harperjamie_Special needs kids & faith: very big question of mine. Can't wait to listen---probably while my special guy is in one of his therapies!
  • marci_thomasJust finished the podcast & pre-ordered the book! Take me with you to Mark Twain's house! 😉
  • tlmashburnI can't wait!
  • megankfishSuch a good one! Life-giving.
  • theprayerapp🙌
  • katherinehpittmanI got the email today with the excerpt from your book. Your son's birth story is nearly identical to my son's, except that we had a prenatal diagnosis. Love reading your words and hearing wisdom gleaned from your experience. Can't wait to read the book! #theluckyfew💙💛 #freedominbrokenness
  • colleenmoss1So nice to meet you this morning at the yoga studio @rebekahlyons
  • tiffmeaneyIt was awesomeness!!
  • biblewilliamsLove you both.
  • kathyericksenIt was so so good.
  • kznoleListened to y'all on my commute to and from work today. Such a blessing for my Friday! ✨
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