• babesquad666"One of the things that makes this job, on a macro scale, easy is that everyone is the same. Everyone wants the same thing out of their lives... Everyone, basically, as a sane human, wants to be happy, validated, fulfilled, to do good and be valued...The way that it manifests on a smaller scale is different, but on a larger scale, you, as a bartender, can find a way to relate to anybody because everybody wants the same thing. Finding a way to deliver that is where the fun comes in....I think that when you get to be really good at it, you’re finding these moments where you are not only giving people a good time, you’re finding the good in them and bringing it out. Those are the really beautiful, rewarding moments." ❤️ Our babe Mark Schettler on the beautiful psychology of tending bar and tending to us. ❤️ #bartending #doinggood #babesquad
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  • v3roI love everything about this.
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  • babesquad666@v3ro I know right?!?!? 💙
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