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  • healthmagazine@darciebaum and @ja_neyney, two editors at @si_swimsuit, stepped in front of the camera and put on swimsuits themselves to join the #WhatIModel campaign! See what they had to say in the video!
    (Regram from @darciebaum)
    We are walking the walk @mj_day! What the hell were @ja_neyney and I doing in our bikinis in a snowstorm? Watch and read below! #fuckit #💃🏻

    Introducing the #WhatIModelcampaign, a partnership with@SI_Swimsuit and @healthmagazine. This year's Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit issue is the most inclusive ever and features women of various ages, backgrounds and body types. We’re celebrating this vision of beauty and confidence on our feed… in our swimsuits. Because you should feel beautiful no matter what you wear, and we’re ready to love our swimsuits again. Then, upload your own video (in your suit) and tag it #WhatIModel & #LoveYourSwimsuit for the chance to be featured here. Stay tuned all week for inspiring messages about body confidence and authenticity. #womenirl

  • e_d_d_i_e___That was Awesome! 👍 👍 👌 😊 😉
  • amayzunEleven girls have been posted so far, haven't seen one with any hips. Not saying it in a negative way. Just feeling like chicks with hips have yet to be represented.
  • thewellnecessitiesBest!!!!
  • thewellnecessities@amayzun there are plenty of beautiful girls w hips under the hashtag. I get what you're saying but it's a little violating to call out "those without hips". The whole point is to embrace what you have and to stop counting what's there and isn't. In my opinion anyway!!'n
  • amayzun@thewellnecessities when it comes to the subjects of body types, there are always gonna be people who feel offended when someone criticizes. So when posting my comment, I knew someone would feel a way about it. I'm not shaming any of these women. I'm not being negative or judging. Simply stating, I haven't seen any women with hips. I think these women are super brave for putting themselves out there like this and commend them for it. Once again I was just stating, haven't seen any hips. Not like "lol, these girls don't have hips." - more like "Hey, where's the girls with hips?" In making THIS statement and trying to clarify my previous comment, I'm certain someone will have an issue with this post as well.....
  • thewellnecessities@amayzun no no issue! Just stating out it could come off. I see your point. Look at the #whatimodel hashtag though. It's great and shows all types of beautiful ladies ❤
  • fitness_w_anita@amayzun @thewellnecessities maybe no one "with hips" has sent in a video...🤔🤔🤔😋
  • amayzun@fitness_w_anita always a possibility 👍
  • thewellnecessities@fitness_w_anita true ! Haha
  • momsthatshouldmodelHow do you get featured? All of the videos featured have been editors/models?!?!? Check out my video! 💖@mj_day @si_swimsuit @womenirl
  • courtney_roselle@close.the.gap
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