• thebodybookAhhh the perfect blowout. There's no better feeling than leaving the salon after having someone else do your hair. But that dent in your wallet doesn't feel as good, right? So we asked @beautyforbloggers to show us how to get the ultimate blowout - sleek or beachy - from the comfort of our own homes. Get the tutorial and all of her favorite products on @thebodybook. 💇🏼👩🏽‍🎤💁🏽

  • beingtriciaBut I'll never do it. Ha. I dream of blow outs. Haha.
  • bollyx_nyc👍👍
  • thecoffeetographeram I allowed to say, 'kinda dreamy'
  • thebodybook@beingtricia blowouts are the best 👌🏽
  • nudunaturalbeautyWe OBVIOUSLY love the gold accents here 😊
  • socialflourishPretty awesome!
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