• alexandraroxoYEP. The pain, the anguish, the joy, the expansion, the pushing you past your edge, the presence, the conflicts, the immense love....Thank Goddess for these connections.
    This is why this Saturday we gather for Moon Club for our monthly coaching salon. To connect and expand and share and grow. No bullshit. Real talk. Accountability. Support. Growth.
    Some of the topics we are discussing Saturday requested by members...Oracle Abuse: when a psychic takes advantage of you, working with Mary Magdalene (a fave of mine!), grounding techniques, having an easier time helping others vs helping yourself...
    Who knows what else we will get into! Join Moon Club at MoonClub.co and try a month of growth in a Moon shaped container of Love 🌙

  • natashashereeblouin🙌🙏🏻
  • naturegirlrising@hipihapus @nialowrih @nieceysoul @caraelisebabyqueens
  • thegirlfriendmanifestoThese topics! Uggh I love you
  • alexandraroxo@thegirlfriendmanifesto love u back! Come hang Saturday! An hour of Moon love!
  • earlierthanthisNeed all of this x
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