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📲 And we're live! In episode #283, @dianesanfilippo & @realfoodliz address sugar, carbs and food swaps by answering your questions... tune in to hear more! (link in bio) .
1.  News and updates from Diane & Liz [2:01]
2.  Something new that I’m into and new podcast sponsor: @primallypure [9:50]
3.  Substitution for sugars [12:01]
4. Homemade Larabars [17:19]
5. Bread [20:42]
6. Almond flour substitute [30:06]
7. Autoimmune swaps [31:39]
8. Reading labels hacks [37:58]
9. Liz’s parenthood tip: Squeeze packs [43:23]
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