• witwitwooThis was me last night, trying to decide whether to wear a black dress or a red dress to my first ever speed dating event. I love this dress. It's from @marksandspencer, and I think it's sexy, in an understated way 💅🏽 Anyway, you want to know how speed dating went don't you? I've just written a blog post – '10 things I've Learnt About Speed Dating – and it's now live on the blog if you want to see how I got on! (Link in bio.) #dating
  • loisswarbrickYou look so amazing in that dress, I want to I look like that #sexygirl
  • apluckyheroineGreat post 😀 doing it sober, sensible yes, brave, definitely!
  • rachel_r_walkerGreat post, I have to get my dating mojo back again!!:)
  • poutinginheelsYou look bloomin gorgeous! 😍
  • mmeworthingtonGood call on the dress, looking good keep it up!
  • big_bad_d_69You are looking fantastic Kate 😉😉 xx @witwitwoo
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