Can you figure out the answer? Note: solve this riddle with ONLY the information given in it. #KwikLearning
  • kwiklearningCan you figure out the answer? Note: solve this riddle with ONLY the information given in it. #KwikLearning

  • racer.steven24_7Would you point me the way to the city of truth if you're from the city of truth? Go that direction if they're from either city. The liar is not from that city. Break the wrist and walk away.
  • hamcheese66I'd ask them "What direction would the citizen of the other city tell me to go" whichever path they say... I'd go the opposite. Makes sense when you think about it 🤔👌🏽
  • jalissa1086The citizen of lies will point to the city of truth. The citizen of truth will point to the city of truth. So you would ask which direction do they live
  • amp0raI'd ask if it was night or day.
  • hero_flooring_llc@yogowypi90
  • mplerario"Which way to the City of Lies?"
  • the_mentchAm I on the right road ???
  • ryanjones0823"What direction do you live?"
  • georgi1028So what is the question to ask? @kwiklearning
  • onejohnnymacIs Justin Bieber music good?...
  • busybodybabyAsk for a non-verbal answer to point me to their hometown.
  • hannesalomeIn Which of those two directions do you live? Just dont forget that the citizen of the lies Will point to the City of truth and the truthful One Will point to City of truth ! remarkable and good ? In these times 😜
  • the_mental_trap😁😁
  • deepika.11111Question should be- Tell me which one is not the city of lie ? The other city will be the city of truth.
  • a.carleneHow do I get to the city of lies?
  • lopamudrakhannaTrust your instincts....and simply go the way your heart takes you. Sometimes in life...just follow your questions asked!
  • swift_teaAsk him/her a simple question! Like is broccoli a vegetable? rightttt??
  • hbeachgrlWhich direction do you live?
  • jayda_cb7A lot of people commenting forget that you only get one question and only one person to ask. So yes, if you ask the person, "which way to the city of truth?" The liar would point to the city of truth, and the truthful person would also point to the city of truth.... but that doesn't solve your problem. You only get one question, and one person to ask that question to. You could also ask a question that you clearly know the correct answer to such as, "what color is my hair?". That will not tell you which direction the city of truth is in either. That will simply tell you if that person is lying or telling the truth. I haven't quite figured this one out yet.
  • riddlesjewelryGorgeous!
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