• mindybraunWhen asked for Christmas what I wanted I had very few thing in my list and @causebox was one of them. Why a CAUSEBOX? Because it inspires, empowers, equips, brings awareness and restoration. Everything in the box was selected because not only is it a great product but because it changes lives through the process. When asked to fill in the blank as to what I think this box does, I said it overcomes. Reading through the Good News books included in the box, I got to read the stories how every item came to be. They were stories of people overcoming obstacles brought into their path and making something beautiful out of it. Be it from government shut downs, cultural barriers and norms, poverty, massive amounts of research, old ways of thinking, etc. These are handcraft products that you will love right away and hopefully it will change your and my way of shopping in the future.

  • jillianevincentSo awesome!!!
  • stampest412That sounds cool!
  • causeboxHi Mindy! Thank you so much for the incredibly kind words. We are so grateful to have you a part of the CAUSEBOX family :)
  • laurenbbeauty💕
  • bekahbugsI love Causebox!! 😍😍
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