• carleyknoblochOh, hello. I didn't see you there. I was just hanging a picture in my guest room. After I hang it, I'll stare at it for hours trying to figure out if it's straight, and I will drag my husband into this room for days to ask him "IS IT STRAIGHT?!" until he begins to avoid me. It was after I hung this entire gallery wall that I found the secret level on my iPhone that makes easy work of hanging things straight. Instructions on the blog today: Click the link in my bio for more.
  • myladybosslife@carleyknobloch 🔹Perfect! #Love this 💋
  • mind_eye_insightLove your guest room. Gorgeous light colors.
  • lala_levinePerfect. You can use it this summer when it's time to hang my wall
  • simplyhomedecoratingYou just need a level! I think it is straight though. 💕
  • simplyorganizedYou're so funnnnnnyyyy! 😂 And what a beautiful wall!!!!
  • pennyroad25Lol! Good post Carley! 👌 "oh hello!"
  • claire.charlie15My eye says it's straight... I've got a good eye for that haha 😉👍
  • dwbellaHaha I love your gallery wall!
  • binangqiuba😊😄
  • jngroseOooh, gonna check out the tip! I have this same problem with my Husb 😂
  • essef.k😊
  • freddysif_Nice pic
  • da_vid_xingWas this the wall of pics we were talking about?
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