www.findaspring.com keep the water wild! #waterislife #findaspring
  • returntonaturewww.findaspring.com keep the water wild! #waterislife #findaspring

  • moonmama1111Rad!
  • trish.filbySo hard to do this where I live in U.K. I keep checking on that website... one day 💧💧💧
  • natureintoactionCool, 🖒🖒
  • returntonature@trish.filby ask the locals they will know
  • waves.of.mamaAre they all drinkable springs on the website?
  • returntonature@waves.of.mama is any water from the tap or from bottles "drinkable "
  • returntonature@waves.of.mama if it is a spring that means it is coming from under the rock layers and would be less contaminated then whatever's coming out of the store. That said there is very rare situations where mild amoebic dysentery can occur which is very easy to treat with some basic herbal understanding. We can either take the risk for that happening once every eight years or cancel the Internet ourselves with the toxic chemicals of industry water
  • returntonature#triphala is one such remedy for dysentery
  • waves.of.mama@returntonature haha that made me giggle. True dat👍✌
  • intheflowrsssThank you water
  • returntonatureCancel the internet ? Wtf autocorrect. Continually inundate (I use too big of words for the machine)
  • waves.of.mama@returntonature thank you for clarifying. I'm very interested in gathering spring water as I am disgusted by our other options of water. Although I know there is very bad stuff in tap water I would be giving my toddler the spring water and am uneducated about springs and just wanted to know more about the chance of sickness. Much love ✌
  • returntonature@intheflowrsss thanks for accidentally leaving your 1 gallon jug here :) filled up everything I could find :)
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