• coffeeandcrumbsMeet the #CoffeeandCrumbsWriter, @katiemblackburn!
    1️⃣ Kids? Harper (4), Cannon (2.5) and Jordi (14 months). Yes. It’s been a long stretch of diapers

    2️⃣ Job? SAHM and part-time lecturer at Whitworth University

    3️⃣ How I take my coffee? I make my own cold brew and finish it off with a heavy dose of creamer. I’m rather snobbish about the cold brew.

    4️⃣ Are you up before your kids or are they your alarm clock? I am a 5:00am-er and always up before the kids, because honestly, those quiet morning hours are the difference between grateful and bitter for me.

    5️⃣ If you could tell your pre-mom self one thing, what would it be? No amount of reading and pinning can prepare you for this job, but one day at a time, you will figure out how to do it. You will.

    6️⃣ What is the best advice you’ve been given as a mom? Parent their hearts, not their behaviors.

    7️⃣ Shower before carpool lane or yoga pants and top knot? Ha, a shower? Yoga pants always. Bless you, dry shampoo.

    8️⃣ What is one thing motherhood has taught you about yourself? I was a college athlete so lived under a myth of hard-work and self-sufficiency most of my life. Motherhood shattered those things for me. I cannot do this work without Jesus, my village, a few good babysitters, and secret stashes of dark chocolate.

  • erin.weme@katiemblackburn I love the part about living under a myth of hard work and self-sufficiency. I just moved from Boston to Sandpoint ID last Feb and my husband & I had our first kiddo in April. It has for sure been a season of Jesus shattering everything I thought I knew. I have been trying to find the words to capture my feelings about all of this, and your words have brought me a bit closer. Blessings to you and your family!
  • jrwgreen@katiemblackburn : always love your writing and honesty! Our mutual friend @sarah_harmeyer has such great things about you! I'm a twin mom of 18 month olds and right with you word for word on 8️⃣!
  • hjblackburnGo Team Blackburn! ❤ @katiemblackburn
  • katiemblackburn@jrwgreen hi! @sarah_harmeyer is the best, and she's told me about you! Thanks for your sweet words ❤ big hugs to you mama!
  • katiemblackburn@erin.weme you're in Sandpoint?! You must come in to Spokane for the Magic of Motherhood launch party on April 8th, I would love to meet you! Let me know if that interests you, and bring a friend! And thanks for your kind words ❤ hugs!
  • erin.weme@katiemblackburn Yes, I'd be very interested. Where can I find more info? 😊
  • katiemblackburn@erin.weme it will be on the C+C website soon! But it is on April 8th at 7pm! @ashleegadd will be there as well ☺ we would love to see you there!
  • theliserYou are amazing! @katiemblackburn ❤❤❤
  • ashleegadd@erin.weme Yes! Come! We'd love to meet you! 😘
  • ashleegaddKatie Blackburn, BLESS YOUR HEART for sharing your wisdom with us. Always and forever you are a source of light and encouragement on this team. I owe you so much. You teach me so much. Thank you, thank you. ❤
  • erin.weme@ashleegadd @katiemblackburn I will plan on it and will look for the info on the C+C site. Thanks for the info ladies. I'd love to meet you too! 😊
  • katiemblackburn@kitkparker yeah girl 👊🏼😉
  • katiemblackburn@ashleegadd love doing this work with you ❤ I will never stop being thankful for "a seat at the table." 😘
  • milkdrunkmama#6 pure magic! 👊🏼💯💓✨
  • graceingrey@katiemblackburn 's BIGGEST FAN 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻
  • katiemblackburn@graceingrey STOP IT. You're the nicest 😘
  • thecatharticblend"Parent their hearts, not their behaviors" - wow, love that, @katiemblackburn ❤❤
  • katiecnicholLove this! Thank you, Katie...remembering ALL of this as we prepare for our second little love in a few weeks 💕
  • katiemblackburn@thecatharticblend
  • katiemblackburn@katiecnichol the biggest hugs to you mama ❤ I might be tracking you down in a few weeks for coffee and newborn snuggles ☺️
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