• iamleyahshanksThe Body Confidence Revolution & I are here for ALL. It’s not a hollow gesture when I say that self-love is for everyone. There’s a common misconception that the bopo movement is geared primarily towards women. There are subsections that have this focus, which isn’t really a bad thing. I think we need independent groups to come together & share their experiences that only they can comment on in a first-hand capacity. Women & men have different experiences. Transgender & non-binary folks & cis gender have different experiences. POC & white people have different experiences. Fat people and smaller dress size wearers have different experiences. LGBTQIA & straight have different experiences. Able bodied & disabled folks have different experiences. I’ll always support these subsections even if I’m not affected by the certain hardships they face because, body positivity is for everyone.
    #TBCR is a collective culmination of each & every subsection of bopo. U’ll always be welcome to stand with us.
    TBCR & I will always be an open & safe space for ALL. We’re not here to share the experiences of one group, we’re here to bring everyone together to collectively shout about the state of our society’s standards & rise up together. Not to mention actually CELEBRATE how deliciously diverse our beauty as human beings is. We’re here to give a middle finger to stereotyping, discrimination & shame of every kind.

    We’re here to stand up for ur right to express urself in any way u choose. We’re here to fight for everyone’s right to have autonomy over their own body. We’re here to speak up about the correlation between low self-esteem & mental health. We’re here to scream for full racial equality. We’re here to give a voice for men who feel shamed into hiding their emotions & insecurities. We’re here to put pressure on the media to embrace ALL of human diversity. We’re also here to give them heat about profit driven agendas which are designed to negatively impact on our self-esteem in order to make £££. We’re here for ur right to exercise. To eat. To struggle. To have sex. To be loved. To be a parent. Not to be a parent. To be respected.


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