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  • deliciouslyellaI still enjoy snacking on our cashew and ginger energy balls like it was the first time I tried them 🤗 Plus, it still surprises me that all you need is cashews, dates, oats and ginger to make them! It was so important to us when we first started out that our products were easy to make, honest and transparent, so there's absolutely no hidden additives or preservatives in any of our energy balls and there never will be 😊

  • kkaraphoto👍👍
  • durbanrootsI love them but I think at £2 they are rather expensive.
  • glutenfree_eats_adl@mickeymday @laraccompton yep, I'm a celiac and can NOT eat gluten free oats
  • beachsidebuddha😍
  • 12al_aliceIt's so confusing because here in Australia there is no such thing as 'gf oats' because here they say they contain gluten, even if uncontaminated.
  • bethcayleyThese are my fave!
  • eroullademetriou@deliciouslyella what coconut yogurt do you use in your new book? As all your recipes are dairy free I would like to know in order to be able to use it in the cake toppings recipes
  • clarissa_furstenberg@casssaint @alina_azf 🙌🏻🙌🏻 life
  • mmkaykerryI'll be making them. @deliciouslyella your recipes are relatively easy and I do really enjoy your books but I would agree that the price is expensive and quite surprising given how much it costs to make from scratch at home. Good for you on getting them in the shops though. A lot of people I know that don't have plant based diets raise your name with me knowing I am vegan so it's very nice the 'profile' is being raised.
  • mickeymday@glutenfree_eats_adl that's very unfortunate for you, I'm sorry to hear that. Unusual though I think.
  • mickeymday@12al_alice are you sure, I would be surprised as Australia seems to be at the forefront of healthy eating. You can probably substitute for quinoa flakes, although I'm just guessing, never tried. Have a look on Amazon, you'd be amazed at what you find in there.
  • 12al_alice@mickeymday you can get wheat free oats here which are basically the same as gf oats overseas but they can't legally be labelled as gluten free because according to our food standards oats contain gluten.
  • mickeymday@12al_alice. Oats contain avenin which is a protein similar to gluten. Most coeliacs and people with non-coeliac gluten intolerance can eat oats as the avenin doesn't affect them. The problem with oats is normally cross contamination with wheat, barley or rye either whilst growing, harvesting or in the production line. I can only assume this is why they can be labelled as gluten free elsewhere. Technically they are gluten free, but some people can't tolerate the protein in them. Eating is such a minefield these days!
  • glutenfree_eats_adl@mickeymday yes eating is definitely a minefield
  • deliciouslyella@mmkaykerry sadly that's the cost of using real food in products rather than flavourings, stabalisers etc - when making them away from home there are many more costs to add in from packaging to transport to the required margins that the stockist takes. We could make them cheaper with cheaper ingredients (e.g ginger flavour rather than real ginger) but then we'd compromise on quality xx
  • hkhadhar@deliciouslyella not compromising on quality is what makes Deliciously Ella truly the best 😍❤️
  • lyndelou2@clairebear2106 they are available in the WH Smith in the GreatVictoria bus/train station. Not sure about Royal Avenue or any other branch.
  • hanzipansLove it!
  • mondessertLove your blog!
  • ray_bands901@deliciouslyella When will they be available in the US? I would love to have some in my hometown of Memphis. Would you ever consider a US book tour?
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