• everydayreadingI went in to the doctor on Monday and I was dilated to a 3-4 and 70% effaced which means . . . probably nothing, since this is right where I was with Star at 39 weeks and she wasn't born for another 11 days.
    But it does mean I finally came home and packed my hospital bag and installed the infant car seat.
    Now I'm just trying to finish up every possible errand and chore and work responsibility, which is why I was the crazy lady fertilizing and pruning the citrus trees in the dark after dinner last night 🙄

    #janssengetsdressed #pregnancy Photo by @graceandvine

  • merricksartSo sooooon!
  • melodyjmmOh! I hope it's soon for you! Only cause I'm 39w myself and getting reaaalllyyyy impatient here!
  • rebeccalatelyI love that top!
  • deidrazoe39w and dilated to a 4 and 70%… for the 2nd week in a row. Friends keep telling me, "if that was me I'd be having my baby in the next hour!" Despite two 40w5d babies I've gotten my hopes up this one might be early. Now I'm just getting grumpy! We can do this!
  • everydayreading@rebeccalately an $8 score from @thredup!
  • emjpicturescan't wait to hear your good news! ❤️
  • kdwarnockHahaha you are THE BEST! So excited to see what this little lady looks like, and what you NAME HER 😍
  • mimandtama_stitchitup3-4cm is pretty good! Have you had niggles that got you to that stage?
  • watooziNesting at its finest.
  • rebmavWishing you the best! Safe and healthy delivery and baby ♥️
  • linsterhawsI agree ☝️ I only follow your blog but we're on baby #4 and I'm REALLY looking for name ideas. Do you have them anywhere? (Since you use nicknames on the blog)
  • tinamerrillWell we didn't hear you so you must be really quiet ❤😘
  • everydayreading@linsterhaws just sent you a DM 😘
  • carlyjchristiansenHang in there!!! The last weeks are the longest weeks every time!!!
  • kkortneyI'm so excited for you!! Let's hope this little one is a little more anxious to make her way into the world. 😜
  • everydayreading@kkortney they always seem pretty darn cozy in there! 🙄
  • bonniewhiskemOoh- thanks for the reminder to wash my car seat cover! 😬
  • justforkidsbrandWeekend ada rencana kemana? Yuk ke store JFK ada di PIM, MKG, Teras Kota, Kokas, Metropolitan Mall dan Margocity..
  • jenaejeppHa! With Norah (a month ago) when my water "broke" (or "trickle") I went to the hospital and was effaced less then 50% and not quite a 1. What?!?! This is my third baby! I mean, not pregnant I'm probably dialated more than a one! Nevertheless she was born that evening. So what do I know. Good luck my friend. You make beautiful girls.
  • crowdermBut it means when she comes, she's gonna come fast! 😉
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