• stashfabricsIf you missed it earlier, voting is now open for the final round of our first ever Stash Fabrics Design Star Competition!
    We'd like to show you a closer look at the three final bundles vying for the win! All of which are now available in the shop in limited quantities. In alphabetical order, first up is Carmen of @misterandmouse.
    She says "anybody who creates knows that the materials we use become more than the sum of their parts. To me, the fabric pull is all about play, expression, problem-solving and opening up to let inspiration find you.".
    You can read more about her design star experience, see all her bundles, and vote for your favorite in the final round at stashfabrics.com/blog 🌟

  • misterandmouseEek, that's mine! I love that the text print says "be grateful for luck" -- that's exactly what I'm doing in this round👍 Thank you @stashfabrics !
  • misterandmouseAnd @stashfabrics, you're amazing at laying out bundles!
  • sewing_with_dragonsI voted!! I definitely hope the bundle I voted for wins, because it's awesome!!!!!
  • susanwade47Gorgeous combos!
  • handmadebyjaiaThis is my favorite! I love so many of the prints!!! 😍
  • misterandmouseThank you @handmadebyjaia !
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