• iamleyahshanksBefore I even share this, I can already FEEL the stereotypes. The disgust. The judgement. The sexism. The horror. The ignorance. The fellow "feminists" who think that posting images like this is anti-feminist. But that's EXACTLY why I need to post it.

    LET ME JUST BE CLEAR 'cause I know that there's gonna be 1 or 2 people who pipe up about other issues that are "more important" within feminism but newsflash: it's not a competition. Yes, sadly there are many, many feminist issues that STILL need addressing. But the fact that a piece of the female anatomy (which is also embodied by men) is deemed offensive and requires censorship unless in a sexual capacity, IS important. And it impacts on all women.

    Women's bodies are not their own. At least, that's what the patriarchal society we live in has dictated to us pretty much ever since time began. Simply put: according to normative patriarchal values, a woman cannot have autonomy over her own body. She and its sole purpose in life is to please men. If they don't, they fail and are worthless. They have absolutely no other use.

    Here's a fact that may shock you: boobs aren't sex organs. Their sole biological purpose is to feed children. They synergise with a womans body and co-operate with her own individual cycle. Whether or not a woman gets any sexual gratification from her boobs is dependent entirely on her AND NOT ON YOU. Every time I see a post like this, it's met with at least someone who compares women's nipples being devulgarised, ingratiated back into society and popular culture not as sexual objects without consent and a means of yet again shaming the female body, to men walking around with their dicks out. Women don't urinate or ejaculate through their nipples... so there's a BIT of a difference there. YOU'RE ONLY COMPARING THE TWO COS OF PATRIARCHAL SEXUALISATION.

    I don't understand why this isn't being talked about more within the #bopo community. How offensive is it that our own bodies are being used to keep us down?

    My posting this picture is NOT an invitation to sexually harrass me. Nor is it sexually explicit. The fact that I have to even say that is why you're seeing it right now.


  • natalierafterWell said ♥
  • kat.li.sYou look beautiful
  • b.feminismEverything you just said I wish more people would understand so much👏
  • bodynervousLove what stand for it's encouraging no material what gender, I salute you, your boldness and confidence. Ina world where society tries to dictate what's plans not you brighten and enlighten the part of the world I wanna be in #shameonthem
  • largeboboSo with you 👑👩‍❤️‍👩
  • body_posi_journeyALL OF THIS!!!! 💖
  • body_posi_journey#nudityisnotinherentlysexual
  • juniordudleyI choose you anyday of the week
  • angelina710420So true
  • persian._girls😍😍😍😍😍👍👍😘
  • marcosyvelasantestebanWonderful body,you re very pretty
  • placedeladentelleblog@valkyria0 Tu as lu ce qu'elle a écrit avant de critiquer bêtement?
  • valkyria0@placedeladentelleblog c'est une envie rageuse
  • placedeladentelleblog@valkyria0 Eh bien garde là pour toi, il y a déjà assez de négativité sans qu'il n'y ait besoin d'envahir les quelques espaces positifs.
  • valkyria0@placedeladentelleblog qu'est ce que ça peut te faire, je commente ce que je veux !!! non mais !
  • placedeladentelleblog@valkyria0 Bah non, ce que tu fais s'appelle du cyber-harcèlement et est puni par la loi. Ça ne se fait pas, point. Tes parents ne t'ont jamais appris le savoir-vivre?
  • valkyria0Mdrrr j'arrête de discuter avec des grosses connes
  • valkyria0Qui rage pour la moindre chose
  • valkyria0Faut avoir du courage de s'exposer de cette façon sur les réseaux sociaux !!!!!!!
  • valkyria0@placedeladentelleblog Au pire ta bouche
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