• gracialouiseLong-limbed, stout-limbed. Four-legged, with a tail, perhaps. Adapted over millions of years, as Cole Porter wrote, ‘Don’t Fence Me In,’ “map[ping] a world [I] want to live in.... [for] without them, we are homeless.” The animal as memory. The #animal as a #mirror. Our animal side. You are me, and I am you. Grounded. Strong. Joyful. Mortal, “gaz[ing] at the moon till [we] lose [our] senses.” Wave your limbs. Jangle them loose. To accompany 'Winged,' we've also selected 32 #SalvagedRelatives upon cartes de visite with mammals. Scampering. Climbing. Purring. 'Limbed.' #Zine.

  • julie.avisar💜
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