• stamps_surfthis is one of simpo's trade-in boards that caught my eye. i like to ride my team trade boards(if they have enough volume for my aging, decaying, carcass) to keep in check with what those at 'the top' of the pyramid have underfoot. obviously, i'm not at their level, and can't feel everything they are feeling, but it's a good basic reference. finally got this one out this morning and went through the gears. 5'9" x 19.? x 2.? (?L)
    gonna keep this one in the truck for a bit! 🔺🏄🏻⚙️🔨📝🇺🇸

  • chassurfboards#ripper
  • surfboardbroker
  • hunter_sbtrailerCongrats on the new sponsorship deal. Earning that contract $ this morning
  • ryan_croteau19.25
  • stamps_surf@hunter_sbtrailer easy money! 💰😂
  • doubleflyingshakasThat black belt is moldy but it's still a black belt. schWAK! 💥🤙🏼💥
  • appelcorestringers🇺🇸
  • mr_m_o_t_oRipping on that thing this morning @stamps_surf 🤙
  • sealbeachboardridersThere a little exaggerated hip/wingy thing happening in the business end or optical delusion?
  • fclacchini19.38
  • shaperhouse👏
  • stingray0018It looked nice and crisp under your feet.
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