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  • timboreed85Last year I discovered @team_hotshot and was finally able to train and race without my persistent cramping issues. It's a real pleasure to now be a brand ambassador for this game changing product.

  • joel_armitageIt's vegan. Should keep the protestors happy
  • hilly_80Does it fit in with LCHF?
  • s_mazz85Yo @timboreed85, how can we get this product in Aus?
  • haowaiianDoes it really work or did u just do it for the commercial?
  • scottrof@timboreed85 I'm a big cramped on the run leg these days, will have to check it out at vineman, err im Santa Rosa 70.3
  • team_hotshot@s_mazz85 you can order via @trisportscom - search HOTSHOT, they ship worldwide!
  • team_hotshot@scottrof let us know what you think!
  • timboreed85@scottrof sorry mate just seeing this. Yep give it a try on some hard training sessions and definitely have it on Hans while racing.
  • timboreed85@haowaiian ask anyone that knows me well whether I genuinely rely on this when racing now. Or remain skeptical as I always am of any advertising and try it yourself. Nothing to lose, a lot to gain.
  • scottrof@timboreed85 will do! Can't wait to finish healing up and for the rain to stop so I can crank it up!
  • haowaiianI just got a message from a legend!! Lol. Sounds good my brada I will definitely give it a try!
  • evil_elf_racing@timboreed85 does this stuff taste like pickle juice?
  • pminhquangYup just ordered a pack of 12 bottles after you told me about it during your visit in Singapore. Still on the way though. Can't wait to try
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