• expeditionportalLa Aduana: Two 1989 Bandeirante FJ45 Land Cruisers
    "Finding a diesel FJ45 in good condition these days is hard, but finding one for less than a small fortune is impossible. This is especially true of the four seat models, which are so rare that their prices are simply absurd. So what is the Cruiser enthusiast to do when they don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars laying around? Why, buy a Bandeirante of course! And don’t worry, it’s not a cheap knock-off.
    According to Toyota Global, the foundations for the Bandeirante were laid in 1952 when they leased out a portion of the Ford Brazil plant. It was their first production facility outside Japan, and the early years were plagued with problems. Few services options were available for the first generation vehicles, and when Brazil banned the import of car parts that could be produced locally, supplies of spares simply dried up. By 1958 Toyota had found a way around this problem, produce the vehicles in Brazil, and in 1962 the first Bandeirantes were rolling off the line." By Chris Cordes (@wayward_wanderings)
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  • defenderhuntersGood stuff.
  • enquist213@bilyeugreen
  • k8mayers@smayers17
  • arizona_overlandWait, if it's a diesel it's not an fj anymore right? Wouldn't that be a BJ45?
  • alivemototoursThis is not a Land Cruiser! This is a Brazilian Toyota Bandeirante. I own one!
  • notafourdoorSo cool
  • novin_saze_dekor@shahab_nick
  • lordfocker@gangsta_g_93
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