• food_to_glowWith the exception of a few homemade experiments (the less said, the better), I haven't had a bagel in years. They never seemed worth the calories. But I really wanted to try the ones from @beardedbakerscot, here in Edinburgh. They are fantastic - chewy and moreish. After picking up these three I popped into the fishmongers next door for some freshly made Scottish smoked salmon. Fresh bagels + Scottish smoked salmon + full fat soft cheese = perfection. What are you eating for lunch? ❤❤❤ #eatwhatyoulove #healthybalance #bagels #instalunch #shoplocal #eatlocal PS don't toast good bagels like these. That's only for crappy, puffy supermarket ones. 😉😉😉

  • dianne_nancyThis looks scrumptious! Love lox! Hint: I buy "thin bagels".
  • dr.debs.potsMe, neither, but if I go for it, this is what I'd choose!!🌟🌟
  • katwalters_Love this 😎
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