Tap video for sound
  • bekathwia#arduinoaday 16: "To create a serial connection, you should use Serial.begin(); inside your setup. The number 9600 is the baud rate, or data speed, in bits per second (bps). Inside the main program loop, you can use Serial.print(); to send information to the serial port. Serial.println(); does the same thing, but prints on a new line. Line 24 in our code prints the current value of buttonState (HIGH aka 1 or LOW aka 0) to the serial port. So with the serial monitor open, we have a live scrolling view of whatever the Arduino senses at pin 2. The serial monitor is exceptionally handy when troubleshooting, since you can easily compare what you think should be happening to what the Arduino is doing." Learn free: instructables.com/classes #arduino #dailyarduino #arduinouno #electronics #diy #makersgonnamake #maker #instructables #code

  • sebastiencastillocheck my new sounds :) 👍
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