• guardiancitiesIt's #airpollution week on @guardiancities. This shot is from @dukapl and shows the pollution in #Ulaanbaatar. "The citizens are fighting for their right to breathe," he says. "I'm spending less time outdoors than usual in this most polluted time of the year in Ulaanbaatar. A lack of sunlight and fresh air reduces your immunity to a range of infections and illnesses." Share your own experiences and pictures of air pollution using #guardiancities and check out our global coverage all this week [link in bio]

  • pierre_nycInspiring!
  • ozgedelsolcute
  • lllobetcodinaWow, I went there in the summer and the skies were clear and blue.. I'd have thought that harsh winter and coal-burning was the worst time of the year @dukapl is the pollution originated in Mongolia itself (or comes from her neighbours)??
  • alexxrsousa@raulfborelli depois veja essa série do The Guardian sobre poluição do ar em grandes cidades
  • annakrymovaSo strong pic👏
  • dukapl@lllobetcodina yes, burning coal is the leading cause of the air pollution in Ulaanbaatar
  • brianchofficialInspiring! Love to see this work 😍
  • dortundhierI've just been to Irkutsk and it didn't look any different. Even in the small villages around lake Baikal, as many people are using coal to heat their houses
  • petrazill@nils_heinemann
  • gary_on_earthPretty cool!
  • benniallanLike it
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