Nobody comes downstairs late for breakfast when there's Dutch baby. #farmbreakfast #onefarmallyourfood #essexfarm
  • essexfarmcsaNobody comes downstairs late for breakfast when there's Dutch baby. #farmbreakfast #onefarmallyourfood #essexfarm

  • essexfarmcsaDead simple recipe: 1 c milk 1 c flour 4 eggs salt to taste mix well. Preheat 15" cast iron skillet in 450 degree oven. Melt the butter in the hot pan. Add batter and bake 15-17 minutes breakfast (or lunch or dinner) done. This is a double recipe - halving it is probably more normal, cook in a 12" cast iron skillet.
  • essexfarmcsaOops meant to say half cup butter. It's buttery.
  • ktquattroAdd a little vanilla and nutmeg......yummy!
  • weezieheyFrom a similar recipe, my Dutch mother would make crepes called flensjes
  • nielsbolleI am making this right now!
  • flintandkentinsane. will add it to our menu next week. off to the mountains and can ski off these calories!
  • nielsbollePlease post more simple recipes!
  • fullheartfarmThat's what we had for breakfast this morning!
  • essexfarmcsa@nielsbolle will do Niels!
  • thoughtsarethingsJust mix it all together and bake? Mix in the butter too?
  • bolledesign@thoughtsarethings the butter goes into the heated cast iron pan
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