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  • ychhopsInteresting fact: As part of our quality control program, foil packaging is tested for seal quality and altitude endurance. This ensures that no matter how far (or high) our hops may travel, they will arrive as fresh as possible.

  • geterbrewedThat's impressive quality control guys @ychhops keep up the good work #hops #geterbrewed #ychhops #foilpackaged #freshhops #craftbeer #homebrew #makebetterbeer #hoppy
  • brett_gertenSo when that plane goes down ... Our hops are all safe 👍🏻
  • ychhops@brett_gerten - We aim for quality in all circumstances! Granted, mostly trucking up over the Rockies... but however you want to look at it is cool with us. 👍🏼👍🏼
  • ignacioecontrerasHi im from Brazil, and want to know How can i get 20 Kg o Simcoe ®
  • ychhops@ignacioecontreras - Please send an email to our sales team at hops@ychhops.com
  • justbballDo you have any packaging material pain points or needs? I work for one of the largest packaging companies globally (www.coveris.com) as a development engineer and am an avid homebrewer. You have no idea how much I'd love to supply packaging for hops.
  • justbballAlso a suggestion, make sure your QA team adds enough water to cover the entire package to make sure there are no leaks, anywhere. #science
  • ychhops@justbball - Thanks for the constructive feedback. We will be sure to pass the word along.
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