• monicabeatriceHappy Thursday! Do you feel like every end of week is coming round like "woah AGAIN?!" right now?!
    Juggling projects I feel that happy kind of frenetic energy - the one where sometimes you are dolled up & shooting (Monday) & sometimes you are in your PJs 75% of the day & behind a screen (um, every other day? 🙊- I jest, but . . . )
    I'm SO excited to be working with Laura @HeroStockbridge on our little baby (or rather BIG/SMALL baby) @BigSmallBusiness today 👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻! Working alongside a friend & someone you respect so much professionally is a genuine honour - & I am so glad we are navigating this new path together.
    We are SO excited to welcome those of you already signed up to our first conference. Head over to the @BigSmallBusiness page now if you're interested in learning more.
    And with that, a freshly-brewed coffee is calling 👋🏼☕️! Happy dream-chasing today! #TheElginAvenue #BigSmallBusiness | Ph. by the wonderful @SarahLouFrancis

  • interiorswede😍
  • marketingsolved💛
  • shonafellowesDefinitely! x
  • littlelondonchichesterAll the time!!😄
  • mediamarmaladeSuch a stunning shot
  • aeosskincare
  • eyenie.schultzLove it
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