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  • blogilatesGuys I'm going to be in SINGAPORE this May and I wanna see you! Last time was unforgettable - all 4000 of us plié squatting under the sun ☀️ and sweating our faces off but not caring because we were all so happy to be together. 👯Let's do it again. I'll be at Fitness Fest 2017 on May 20-21 teaching #POPPilates and #PIIT28!!! 💥 Get your tickets at fitnessfest.sg (link in bio). I know some Singapore POPsters were trying to get people together to purchase the discount group tickets, so please connect with each other in the comments to save some 💰. Oh yeahhh...and do you want me to bring @popflex_active with me to sell at the event?!?!? Love you! ❤️

  • vayne.emPlease come to Malaysia!! ❤️❤️
  • dont_ever_grow_upHi! First of all, I just want to say how much I love your videos. Your personality is infectious and your workouts are actually a lot of fun! However, I do want to ask you for some help in my fitness journey: I'm naturally skinny, and was recently told by my docter I need to gain some weight. I would LOVE to gain in a healthy muscle. Unfortunately, that hasn't been easy for me, and the couple pounds I have gained are in fat:/ I was wondering if you could help me with this in any way. Sorry about hijacking your post, I just didn't know how else to contact you. Thanks!
  • milaineiam@teohjingmei LEZ GO
  • juhoudementpereira9Stop on ur way to Dubai 🙏🤗
  • zaiohnuhCome to Cebu, Philippines!
  • camarie_195I wish I was still living in singapore so I could come to this
  • anissasyhWa she coming Singapore during may. Maybe if by then we still continue Kayla we can come HAHAHAH @ginachuaxh
  • ginachuaxh@anissasyh HAHAHAHA omg we shall see 😂😂
  • hiyeom@jaspung SHALL WEEEEE
  • lyqiixomg ❣❣❣
  • coolgirls200311Cassy,where are you from ? Singapore? China ? I am from China 😅😂😘💕💕💕💕
  • domichromiWow :D
  • chel.rim@okcatty omg psps I didn't check this account for quite awhile, and omg it looks difficult ;_;
  • innerdevil.cHAHAHA its ok!!! if we free then consider? i think itll be fun or at least a good experience HEHEH @chel.rim
  • chel.rim@okcatty hahha omg okok I'll keep the date freeee 😘
  • innerdevil.cYAYYYY 🙆🏼🙆🏼🙆🏼🙆🏼 @chel.rim
  • hellobrowneyedfoxTHIS IS AWESOME 🤗🤗🤗🤗
  • elanmarsall@kylieshaver
  • paleobritain@lucyjo90 this is mental
  • lucyjo90I know, I saw it the other day! @paleobritain
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