@autodromo Prototipo #womw #wornandwound
  • wornandwound@autodromo Prototipo #womw #wornandwound

  • himanshu_jBeen a while I've seen one of these. Classic. Would love a Vic Elford LE in rose gold.
  • mikes1929Do you have a write-up on the VK movement? It's pretty interesting. Does using the mechanical chronograph use battery power? That's the one part I don't really get.
  • watchbeatNice shot❗👌
  • shemshameshemI've loved the Prototipo from the day I first laid eyes on it. One day When I grow up I will find you and I will buy you.
  • jreacherrappHa dent considered a brown strap for mine. Thinking about Kevlar to compliment the racing design inspiration. Anyone have a suggestion on what Brad of Kevlar straps I should consider?
  • brettmurray60Have one of these exactly the same, lovely watch great attention to detail
  • natrmrzstill wish I picked one up from their first run. hopefully Bradley re releases a run of them! seems like there has been a trend of re releasing so hopefully the prototipo is in the cards!
  • jennywindow@nafenminjator
  • nafenminjator@jennywindow very automobile like
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