Oh good, anti-vaxxers are back in the news, thanks to Robert DeNiro's "vaccine safety challenge!" If you want to read my thoughts, I pinned my "Why I Vaccinated My Son" post to the top of my blog. Link in bio! #antivaxxers #vaccines #autism
  • dadandburiedOh good, anti-vaxxers are back in the news, thanks to Robert DeNiro's "vaccine safety challenge!" If you want to read my thoughts, I pinned my "Why I Vaccinated My Son" post to the top of my blog. Link in bio! #antivaxxers #vaccines #autism

  • lady_anj.thegemini@dadandburied No problem! If the people who are against vaccinations could visit a hospital and see how vulnerable a child is with an autoimmune deficiency disease or a person who needs chemo have to live their lives in a bubble because a simple cold might kill them then maybe they will get a better perspective about vaccines. Why do you think this country has one of the HIGHEST infant mortality rates in the world?
  • aphillips0129@mkanasty77 if that's true why is the side effect "autism" printed on the side on the MMR vaccine box!?!?!?? Have u not seen that!? And if hats true why are you not allowed to sue pharm companies for vaccine harm???
  • aphillips0129These studies are FALSE time and time again!!!!!! They manipulate every single one of them! Google if there's ever been a test that studies unvaccinated children VS vaccinated one. CDC WILL NOT TEST THAT!!!!!!!! Ever wonder why.......... bc my kid is way healthier than yours that is pumped full of toxins and has all kids of disorders and add and etc etc just give them more antibiotics. No one is making money off you I swear............... 😂 hello do your own research don't listen to some sheep dr!!!!!!!
  • fibonaccilife@aphillips0129 the studies on 1 in every 50 children now acquire autism compared to before WW2 where it was 1 in 1000. This has been attributed to vaccines. My whole family opts out and does not take these dangerous vaccines filled w poisons such as arsenic and mercury etc.... i would never trust our lying manipulating government to dictate to me to vaccinate my children or grandchildren
  • aphillips0129@fibonaccilife yes it's all made up bullsht. It's all government and pharmacy and MONEY and I feel bad for the morons that don't realize hey u can make your own vaccine schedule if u want!!!get one vaccine at a time the go back 6 weeks later and get another. Be smart. Do u need polio? No ummmmprob not??? Just pick and chooses don't listen to dr that says she's fine!!:)3.
  • aphillips0129Insurance doesn't pay. Aka dr don't get paid. if you don't do them all at once that's why they push for u to do them 9 at a time VS 1-2 at a time when We were growing up. They make 1 billion a year on each new vaccine that's introduced.
  • chelsinbarflyYES.
  • lololovley@mrflyers
  • jaclyn.nipper@aphillips0129 insurance and providers go off when the CDC suggests children, adolescents, adults and the elderly are immunized and if you saw what providers are paid you would know it's NOT for the money. Yes, there are alternate schedules and by all means, go at your preferred rate. Just immunize your children, if you are able to, for their future and future generations ❤️and finally there is NO proven link between MMR and autism. It has been carefully studied and nothing found. Measles (of MMR) is highly contagious & can live in a room 2 hours after a carrier has been gone. Measles can lead to brain damage deafness, and even death for some children. Mumps and Rubella are just as awful if contracted. I want to do my part to try to eliminate these terrible diseases and that is why I immunize myself and my children. Thank you for this @dadandburied ❤️
  • bewaretheneedleThis guy doesn't care about all the kids killed by vaccines. I do. Come read their stories.
  • corruptvaccines#vaccineskill
  • bewaretheneedle@jaclyn.nipper what do you make of Wake Forest University replicating Andrew Wakefield's study? Do you actually know what the conclusion of his study was in the first place? Hint: it wasn't "vaccines cause autism."
  • bewaretheneedle@lady_anj.thegemini I'd rather prevent autoimmune diseases by not injecting children with toxicants implicated in autoimmunity, such as mercury. 😁
  • bewaretheneedle@mamakjud did your dad by chance get the original polio vaccine...that was contaminated with simian virus 40? because it is known now to be considered the most oncogenic (cancer-causing) protein known to science. yay vaccines, am i right?
  • lady_anj.thegemini@bewaretheneedle Well good for you! Why don't you get started on that! 😆 👌👋
  • bewaretheneedle@suessnugs holy shit, 3 whole cases of a mild, benign childhood illness?? 😨😷
  • suessnugs7 now! And 30% of people infected develop complications. Like pneumonia, inflammation of the brain and blindness. So I'd really rather not get it. My kids are vaxxed to the maxx.
  • bewaretheneedle@browncoatrs Did you know the insert for the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine cautions patients against using this vaccine if their family has a history of seizures?
  • bewaretheneedle@jenmae1985 except certain vaccines are implicated in CAUSING cancer.
  • bewaretheneedle@mkanasty77 Which doctor professed that mercury in vaccines is causative and then retracted the statement, saying he lied? I mean, are you people completely incapable of research or are you just so confident that no one will call you out on your ignorance? If you're referring to Wakefield, he never mentioned mercury. He said he found vaccine-strain measles virus in the guts of autistic children with non-specific colitis. *bangs head against wall*
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