Want to make your own, super custom iPhone lock screen? We show you how. Get the #tutorial via the link in our profile. #howtopicsart
  • picsartWant to make your own, super custom iPhone lock screen? We show you how. Get the #tutorial via the link in our profile. #howtopicsart

  • mahsumbrsCreative 👌 👏 ✨
  • ibrahimshamipicsart is now back again to android 4.4.2"kitkat" .picsart putting a lot in one app maybe next step adding a booster and antivirus and battery saving..!! also I've used 'picsart color paint 'the new app and I can't save and the app missing a lot of basic tools like gradient brushes or fill in color. the new app needs a big improvement ..!
  • __somethingnice__AMAZING 😱😍
  • suusdesloper_cs@wiannnn_ omg dit is koeeelll 😱😱
  • rmontalvo33Cool. Trying it.
  • rmontalvo33Love this app
  • candylover3394Hello @picsart i have a question when editing a picture and saving it to your gallery you used to be able to pick if you wanted it to be a gift / video or if you wanted it to just be the completely edited still picture
  • candylover3394@picsart how eould i save it in a gift form to show the step by step on hoe it was made?
  • gijsphotographyCool, creative ! 😝
  • agungmatfiqihhGood👍👍👍
  • picsartHey @candylover3394! To make GIFs we have a whole other app called GifsArt. Here's a link to a post about it, and the link for downloading it is right at the bottom: https://picsart.com/blog/post/have-you-tried-gifsart/ Hope that helps :)
  • candylover3394But thats for apple u used to be abel to do it on Android
  • candylover3394I even have a gif from b4 the update
  • picsart@ijung03 using a screenshot of your lock screen, add photos to fit to the buttons of your lock screen. This tutorial goes into more detail on how to do it :) https://picsart.com/blog/post/iphone-lock-screen-wallpaper-picsart-photo-editor-collage-maker/
  • picsartHey @candylover3394! Could you email support@picsart.com so we could help you further?
  • anooshn1@armineh_n @zeynam_ @christina.madanat lit
  • maryamart.ahiiii. . would you plz check my account for art and support me 🌼 I
  • ijung03Thank you @picsart 😘, i will try it :)
  • hj2hj9@picsart I made the screenshot but, how to set the screenshot on my lock screen??
  • happy_parakeetThe only problem is that it blurs it on the lock screen
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