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  • hollywoodunlocked#PressPlay what were your thoughts of the sneak preview of #LHHATL? 👀

  • teri_so_sweetKirk n Rasheeda 🙄🙄 so desperate everybody else I can stand to watch
  • baexeve@betsaxbae I can't fucken wait 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜@dayxaxnara
  • teedixon3@carr89 omg Rasheeda should've been left
  • westdallas_kiddCANT WAIT!!!!!
  • zamarah01Really Rasheeda
  • ceyz__@mimsickles
  • devanderson999Kirk is fucked
  • courtneyelise_@kadibabi08 lmao I cannot wait!!!!! That's her with the bun at the masquerade party
  • purrfectladee@tenikagail
  • bellacreoleStill trying to figure Rasheeda (or any woman for that matter) fascination with Kirk. Especially after he already embarrassed and humiliated her more than once.
  • queennunubossWhen your man says he wants to be with a respectable women but really wants a stripper 👀😩 Most men love strippers! They say what you want to hear to make you think a woman like that can never compete with you but truth is they are exciting. Men like new p***y but it goes beyond that. They love a women that makes them feel like a king and strippers are great at that. Instead of putting them down, learn something
  • mio_renae@carr89 aah naw girl, say it ain't so, I had no idea. Smh well if he gets divorced I'm sure Kim will end up divorced, bc she's obsessed with him, and he's so stupid. Dumb jock. Lol
  • carr89@mio_renae girl right 😂😂
  • nadiaakima😂😂😂
  • kadibabi08@courtneyelise_ I'm excited to see what Kirk say. I can't. Ske been putting up with so much
  • mr31sevenJoseline is really tired at this point, messy I would have left her long time ago Stevie is really to good for her
  • rodbanksKirk why dawg
  • mariamtalks@mr31seven are you crazy? That man abused her and exploited her im so happy they are not together
  • tasharwade@ayvee_di 👀👀👀👀
  • sweetmarina25Can't wait
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