• expeditionportalField Tested: SnoMaster Traveler Series BD/C-42SS
    "If you have been shopping for a new 12V portable fridge/freezer lately, you may have noticed you have an increasing number of options. SnoMaster of South Africa, now distributed out of Austin, Texas, is just one of those new players. As we are prone to do, we didn’t waste any time getting our hands on a test sample to see how it stacks up. Available in a variety of sizes, we elected to test the 42 liter stainless steel Traveler as it represents a size favored by many overlanders.

    Pulling the SnoMaster from the box it was impossible to ignore its striking resemblance to another South African fridge, the National Luna Weekender. At a quick glance the two are nearly identical with the placement of the control panel the only immediately distinguishing feature. It’s a tricky game to play, mimicking the pinnacle product in the segment, but we hoped the SnoMaster wasn’t punching above its weight and trying to get by on its good looks." -by Christopher Noel (@christophe_l_noel)
    Check out the full review on expeditionportal.com

  • bittercold22Looks nice but will it keep my Eskimo pies cool?
  • thecoldestwaternice ❄
  • overlandevolutionJust picked up two 60 liters this post week at the Sports and Outdoors show in Pennsylvania. Haven't had a chance to test them out.
  • careliveloveWOW...A MUST...THANK YOU
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