My word this year is "grace" but i have supporting words as well (including play). A side effect of being overly critical and controlling (trying to make life safe and predictable) for so many years means i have lost touch with play and experimenting and letting go. 
Letting go in art is almost as hard as taking risks in life so this spread from my art journal today is a huge step for me- it was truly a "do it for the process" activity. 
Playing with new paint pens- no care if the colours "go" with the rest
Hating parts and keep going
Playing with my favourite tools but in new ways (and finding new favourite marks as a result) 
This was truly freeing. 
One step along the journey of "being okay with the unknown" and letting go so that love and joy can rise to the surface. 
If you chose a word how are you living it and learning from it? Baby steps are still steps forward. Xx
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