• cottagehillmag“Always remembering that you are on the same team. There will be disagreements and arguments, but no matter how tense things may get, you are not enemies. You are trying to accomplish the same goals (which means winning together, not on your own), so you need to work as a team to get there, not as individuals.”
    I am so in love with the wisdom Erika and Kevin have to share from their first year of marriage. Read more now on Cottage Hill!.
    Photography by @jennysoifoto
    Designer and Stylist, @joynicolas_
    Florist, @flowerstorygal
    HMUA by Emma Chuang

  • elisahall60@bradycshall
  • rock.paper.flowerThat's such a awesome insight. My husband and I often remind each other "we are on the same team when there are disagreements. It always helps.
  • sarahantweilerWe say the same thing when we find ourselves frustrated with each other. Sometimes reminding our spouse that we are on the same team can change a quarrel into an "I love you! Let's talk about what we can do to love each other better." My other advice (as we approach our 15 year anniversary) is to always look inward when you are going through a rough patch. It's easy to place blame on the other person when so often the issue is really within ourselves. Marriage is always worth the work! What a gift we are given to grow old with someone and walk through this life with. ❤️️
  • carla.burrellAwesome ❤️️
  • lindseylaruephotoSo so very true ❤️ beautiful.
  • dmitryzorg👍
  • rileylynnsteeleSo sweet!
  • whitespacemagBeautiful!!
  • boffovideo😊
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