• startupcreativeNext Monday afternoon I'll be hosting a private online MASTERMIND for all members of the 'What The Hell Am I Doing?' online course group!
    In the 45 min workshop I'll be sharing - how I transitioned from full time work to full time @startupcreative and advice on how you can do it for yourself - tips on how to start and grow an Instagram account from 0 followers to 35K -What you need to know to get people to take your startup seriously from day one - the first 10 things you need to do when starting a business - tips on dealing with overwhelm and business anxiety - share my 3 biggest f^*% ups and hurdles since starting and how I overcame them (trust me you'll want to hear what not to do)
    If starting a business of your own is on your 2017 to do list, join our online course between now and next Monday to get this bonus content.
    All new members between now and Monday 20th will also receive a FREE copy of the What The Hell Next? E-Book.
    Follow the link in bio to join the party next week.

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