You may have noticed my lack of Valentines Day posts yesterday? Don't get me wrong, I love excuses to celebrate love (and emotions, generally). And giving and receiving gifts is just FUN and I love that too. But holidays that incite social pressure to commercialize my relationship makes me feel like the MAN is using the magic in my life for profit. And that makes me (and Logan) want to vom. So we usually keep it light & make one of our favorite, special meals (eggplant parmesan w cashew cheese this time -- the cashews are soaking in hot water in this photo). We were going to watch My Fair Lady together. But SUPER FUN TIMES Logans car broke down on the highway yesterday on the way home for dinner 😐☹️😫 so that settles it... v day is cursed for us. lol nothing to do but laugh and celebrate love EVERY DAMN DAY. Hope you got cuddled yesterday k bye
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