• bingchenYou don’t fall in love like you fall on the pavement. You fall in love like you fall through space. You think you have everything figured out on your own star until you find someone else functioning in ways you never could with their own star and their own sets of species and pets and rituals. So you leap. You leap over to their star and wonder Wow, How Have I Never Seen You In All My Falling In Space And How Are You Functioning Still? At some point, you bring some of your clothes over and skip nights from your star. At some point, you spend so much time on each others’ stars that your stars start to look the same. At some point, you bring your friends and their stars over for pleasantries like Sunday Brunch. And at some point, you’ve starred so many stars that you burst a new Black Hole and make an entirely new star that looks like everything and nothing that’s come before it. That’s how you fall in #love.

  • hydenyooStunning 😱
  • jd931Wow😮
  • joanneraissadon't ever stop creating, b. the world needs to hear that voice 🍻
  • cvstadope
  • jd931@bingchen you ever gonna make YouTube videos again?
  • bingchen@jd931 I'm working on my novel, movies and shows right now
  • jd931@bingchen I guess that reasonable lol. Hey I freelance as a production assistant as sind coordinator if you're looking for extra hands on a project.
  • bingchen@jd931 duly noted, my dude!
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